About Us

Our Mission

Wilshire Associates' mission is to provide innovative investment solutions and objective, independent investment advice to investors throughout the world.

Wilshire fulfills its mission by:

  • Promoting a culture of integrity
  • Aligning client objectives with individual & firm growth
  • Balancing tradeoffs between investment return & risk
  • Rewarding both teamwork and individual initiative


Since its founding in 1972, Wilshire Associates has evolved from an investment technology firm into a global advisory company specializing in investment products, consulting services, and technology solutions. We have worked throughout our history to maintain our strong commitment to our clients and to retain our position of leadership in providing innovative ideas to the investment industry.

Wilshire was an early innovator of the integrated asset/liability modeling technique, as well as risk management and portfolio optimization models to help plan sponsors and institutional investors arrive at optimal portfolios based on their specific needs. We produce investment management tools for tasks such as creating index funds, optimizing portfolios, developing dedicated and immunized bond portfolios, and measuring performance. Two very familiar products in today's investment community - the Wilshire 5000 Total Market IndexSM, and the Wilshire Trust Universe Comparison Service® (Wilshire TUCS®) - were developed in our first decade.

In 1981, Wilshire Consulting was formed to address the needs of the plan sponsor community. We believe that fund sponsors need to shape their own investment strategies, and we provide the support and tools to do so. For 40 years, Wilshire has worked with some of the largest fund sponsors, providing comprehensive investment consulting to assist them in making informed decisions. Innovations like performance fees and style mapping in equity management grew out of our consulting work.

In the mid-1990's, Wilshire launched its first Private Equity fund of funds, meeting the growing needs institutional investors' appetite for alternative investments. As of 3/31/2014, Wilshire Private Markets has nearly $5 billion in committed capital for more than 150 investors around the world with private equity solutions.

In 2005, Wilshire began leveraging its strong institutional brand by developing investment solutions for the retail market. Wilshire Funds Management ("WFM") works with financial intermediaries to create customized investment solutions for a wide variety of retail distribution channels. As of 3/31/2014, WFM advises on more than $130 billion in assets, serving approximately 50 leading financial intermediaries. 

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