Starting April 1, 2009, the original US total market index, the Wilshire 5000, regains its place in the world of investing. Broadcast to data vendors using the symbol W5000, the Wilshire 5000 once again can be your choice for benchmarking the performance of the US equities market. Moreover, only Wilshire Indexes can offer you the complete historical time series for the Wilshire 5000 Total Market Index as far back as December 31, 1970.

Daily history for the Wilshire 5000 begins November 30, 1979. Monthly history for the US style indexes begins June, 30, 1978, and begins December 31, 1977 for the US REIT Index.

In this section you can learn more about the indexes produced by Wilshire, including construction methodology and fundamental characteristics. You can also use our Index Return Calculator to get the returns on any of Wilshire's indexes in a variety of formats.

Choose one of the items below to learn more about the history and purpose of Wilshire's families of indexes.

  • Wilshire Broad Market Indexes Wilshire's Broad Market Indexes are Wilshire's flagship indexes. They include the Wilshire 5000 Total Market Index, which is the broadest index available for the U.S. equity market.
  • Wilshire US Real Estate Indexes Wilshire Associates introduced the Wilshire Real Estate Securities Index to create an index of publicly traded real estate equity securities without the limitations of other appraisal based indexes.
  • Wilshire US Style Indexes Wilshire's US Style Indexes are created by segmenting the Wilshire 5000 by size and style to evaluate the performance of active managers.

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