EVA Wilshire 5000 Index

The EVA Wilshire 5000 IndexSM measures the performance of Wilshire 5000 Total Market Index™ (Wilshire 5000®) securities that demonstrate positive Economic Value Added (EVA). Calculated by Wilshire Associates (Wilshire®). The EVA Wilshire 5000 leverages proprietary IP from EVA Capital Management which incorporates data supplied by evaDimensions, a global leader in the application of EVA-based solutions. Approximately 1,500 EVA-weighted, publicly traded security returns are used to adjust the index. Created in 2015, with a time series of data beginning on December 31, 1998, the EVA Wilshire 5000 Index is designed for long-term market outperformance.


  • Long-term market outperformance
  • Time tested EVA methodology from evaDimensions
  • EVA measures the economic profit as opposed to the accounting profit
  • Weighted by the dollar value of EVA

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