Wilshire Real Estate Family

The Wilshire Real Estate Family is designed to offer a suite of indexes that help investors precisely measure and better understand performance of the real estate market. Based on publicly traded real estate equity securities and unencumbered by the limitations of other appraisal-based indexes, the real estate family was first introduced in 1991 and includes the flagship Wilshire US RESI IndexSM, which aims to provide a market-based index that is more reflective of real estate held by pension funds.

Additional indexes includes the Wilshire US Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) IndexSM and Wilshire US Real Estate Operating Companies (REOC) IndexSM, both of which are subsets of the Wilshire US RESI.

Offered as an expansion of the original U.S. real estate indexes to serve as a proxy for direct real estate investments by institutions, the Wilshire Global Real Estate Securities Indexes were introduced in 2006.

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