Wilshire Indexes help clients, investment professionals and researchers accurately measure and better understand the market. The Wilshire Index family leverages more than 40 years of Wilshire performance measurement expertise and employs unbiased construction rules.

The flagship Wilshire 5000 Total Market IndexSM (Wilshire 5000®), widely accepted as the definitive benchmark for the U.S. stock market, celebrates 40 years this year. Developed in 1974 to address a clear gap in the market, the Wilshire 5000 offers a robust alternative to a market proxy of just 500 stocks that, by nature, falls short as a basis for risk measurement and diversification by missing a significant part of the investment performance story.

  • Wilshire 5000 Family: Flagship family includes the Wilshire 5000, Wilshire 4500 Completion and a suite of Wilshire size and style indexes designed to help investors evaluate performance of style managers.
  • Wilshire Real Estate Family: The Wilshire Real Estate Securities Index and sub-indexes, including the Wilshire US REIT, are designed to measure the real estate market without the limitations of appraisal-based indexes and instead use focused, publicly traded real estate, equity securities. In 2006, global real estate indexes were included.
  • Wilshire Liquid Alternative Family: The Wilshire Liquid Alternative Family is designed to provide a broad measure of the liquid alternative market, as well as sub-strategies, and measures alternative investment strategies accessed via liquid ’40 Act mutual funds.
  • Wilshire Business Development Company IndexSM: The Wilshire Business Development Company (BDC) Index is designed to measure the performance of publicly-traded BDCs that focus on the debt financing of small, developing and financially troubled companies.

Powered By WilshireSM

  • Powered by Wilshire: Powered by Wilshire is an offering that allows investment and fund managers to marry their own proprietary index methodology with Wilshire’s well-respected brand, time-tested index calculation engine and state-of-the-art distribution platform. The new offering provides an independent, 3rd party, implemented solution that delivers historical index data to support marketing efforts as well as ongoing calculations. For more information about Powered by Wilshire, click here.

Just Released!

  • EVA Wilshire 5000 IndexSM Family: The EVA Wilshire 5000 Index Family seeks to combine the power of the Wilshire 5000 Total Market IndexSM (Wilshire 5000® ), widely accepted as the definitive benchmark for the broad U.S. stock market, with Economic Value Added (EVA) methodology, a time-tested and well-respected process designed to identify a company’s true economic profitability.
  • Wilshire Bond IndexSM: The Wilshire Bond Index measures the performance of the U.S. taxable fixed income market based on actual holdings of U.S. institutional investors. The Wilshire Trust Universe Comparison Service® (Wilshire TUCS®) database representing over $3.7 trillion in institutional assets is used to dynamically define the institutional U.S. bond market.
  • ABR Crisis Alpha IndexSM:The ABR Crisis Alpha Index, designed by ABR Dynamic Funds, LLC, measures a strategy whose purpose is to capitalize on sustained periods of market crisis.
  • ABR Multi-Asset Portfolio (ABR MAP) IndexSM: The ABR MAP Index, designed by ABR Dynamic Funds, LLC, seeks long-term capital appreciation.
  • Nuveen/Wilshire Pension Investment Family, Powered by Wilshire: The Nuveen/Wilshire Pension Investment Indexes leverage the Wilshire Bond Index to create a family of pension indexes that are designed to precisely match traditional defined benefit pension liabilities.
  • BrandTransact 50® index, Powered by Wilshire: The BrandTransact 50 index has a proprietary method of analyzing unrealized value to identify companies whose share value has not been fully recognized by the U.S. markets. The index is rules-based and equally weights the top 50 companies exhibiting a discount of brand and intangible asset value to market cap.

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