OWL ESG-Weighted U.S. Large Cap Index

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The OWL ESG-Weighted U.S. Large Cap IndexSM is designed to provide a large market capitalization benchmark for environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing. The OWL ESG-Weighted U.S. Large Cap Index uses a methodology designed by OWLshares™ for a representative basket of approximately 500 large-cap stocks that are weighted by OWL ESG™ scores.


  • Representative large-cap and sector methodology
  • Investible screens for profitability
  • Investible screens for liquidity
  • Index composition is reviewed quarterly
  • OWL ESG-weighted

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Wilshire calculates and distributes Powered by Wilshire indexes based on the 3rd party supplied methodology. Wilshire makes no representations about the intended purpose or the methodology used to construct Powered by Wilshire indexes.

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