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Retirement Actuarial Services

Wilshire’s actuarial consultants take a holistic approach – from both an asset and liability perspective - to help you manage your commitment to your plan participants with an eye toward your business enterprise risk. The basis for our approach is to understand your objectives related to four policies – benefit, funding, accounting and investment – and how that matches your corporate objectives. Our core actuarial services will help you efficiently manage your plans (e.g. for actuarial valuations and benefit calculations).

Core actuarial services...

  • Actuarial valuations – funding and accounting
  • AFTAP certification
  • Data review and remediation
  • Auditor's requests
  • Financial reporting
  • PBGC filing
  • Preparation of 5500
  • Annual participant benefit statements
  • Benefit calculations & benefit election forms
  • Annual funding notice to participants
Our consultants work to become like an extension of your staff to understand your business as well as your plans. This knowledge and mindset, coupled with our experience, allows us to provide valuable on-target advice to identify opportunities for effective plan management. Our strengths and capabilities stretch beyond your needs for recurring services related to your program and include:

  • Strategic financial analysis, e.g. borrow-to-fund, annuity buy-in, annuity buy out, mass lump sum payouts
  • Retirement program design
  • Retiree medical valuations
  • Nonqualified plan valuations
  • Asset/Liability modeling
  • Funded status monitoring
  • Glide path construction
  • Plan terminations
  • Vendor management

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