Private Markets

Wilshire Private Market’s team of senior investment professionals combines 157 years of private equity investment experience across several forms of investment, including:

  • Primary partnerships
  • Secondary partnership purchases
  • Direct portfolio company purchases and ongoing oversight
  • Co-investing alongside managers into portfolio companies

In addition to building portfolios for investors at Wilshire Private Markets, our robust team of senior investment professionals previously spent time in senior roles at leading private equity organizations.

Experience, Expertise and Longevity in Private Equity

Wilshire Private Markets ("WPM") currently manages nearly $5 billion in client assets from a global investor base of more than 100 institutions and has been providing private equity services to clients for 27 years, investing in primary partnerships, secondary partnership interests and co-investments with an exclusive focus on private equity.

Team Depth

WPM's team is currently comprised of 41 professionals, including seven investment professionals at the Managing Director level or higher, and it has grown steadily over time. WPM's 10 most-senior investment professionals average nearly 16 years of relevant investment experience.

Breadth of Experience

WPM has committed capital on behalf of its clients to more than 350 primary partnerships, secondary partnership interests and co-investments, representing more than 5,000 underlying portfolio companies.

Global Geographic Coverage

WPM executes a global investment mandate carried out by senior investment professionals working out of five offices in the United States, Europe, Asia and Australia, and provides a comprehensive approach to the private equity needs of our clients.

Investment Mandate

The investment mandate defined by WPM is focused on inefficient sectors within private equity, making use of relationships with superior investment managers developed over many years.

Comprehensive Investment Process

While providing access to its collection of long-term manager relationships, WPM's investment process is also focused on the identification of lesser-known managers with superior investment capabilities. Through consideration of empirical evidence and evaluation of factors leading to repeated success, our approach carefully considers a manager's ability to add value to portfolios of underlying holdings.

Flexible Investment Options for Investors

WPM's investment offerings are structured in a manner that allows investors access to a broadly diversified private equity portfolio or to address more specific portfolio requirements. We manage both discretionary and non-discretionary portfolios, providing a range of services to investors, with individual mandates customized to meet particular client needs.

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